Designated Broker, Gary E. Lotzer


Affiliated expertise is available to perform comprehensive valuations (“appraisals”) of Businesses, Business Ownership Interests, Trust Interests and Intangible Assets. 

Performing a quality valuation engagement requires unique professional competence, involving a special combination of skill, expertise and experience. A valuation analyst must possess a thorough knowledge of  valuation principles and the application of financial analysis. Equally important is the valuatior’s tax and business acumen. Ultimately, critical in every engagement is the use of professional judgment in developing the final opinion of value.

Our service philosophy is motivated by pride and uncompromised integrity…because we sincerely value our Client and Referral Partner relationships!

Types Of Businesses

• Manufacturing
• Distribution

• Retail
• Medical Practice

• Health Care
• Vineyard

• Dental Practice
• Veterinarian Practice

We will determine the proper course for navigating the issues and obstacles of conducting our Client’s valuation.

We will research and evaluate the industry trends, market conditions and recent sales transactions for the type and size of our Client’s particular Operating Business or Holding Company.

We have access to multiple, subscription-based industry databases containing over 20,000 private company transactions, representing over 700 industry classification (SIC or NAICS) codes.  

Annual revenues for these privately held companies range from under $1 Million to over $14 Billion. We also subscribe to sources for market research and industry profile reports, as well as quarterly national economic data.

Of course, we also have access to public company transaction databases and their underlying financial data.

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